Kunzler Bean & Adamson

Commercial Law
Our commercial attorneys have exceptional experience in the kind of legal issues that come up every day in business. Every day we draft and negotiate office space leases, non-disclosure agreements, software development agreements, manufacture and supply agreements, and dozens of other kinds of commonly-used business documents, including privacy policies and terms of use for websites.

Software Licensing
& Customer Contracts

As a technology company or software-based startup, we help you engage with your customers in an efficient way while protecting the assets of your business and limiting risk. Whether you’re in need of a click-through license agreement for self-serve customers or support through contract negotiations with large enterprise customers, we have the experience to meet your needs.


Our attorneys have handled hundreds of leases, from million-dollar commercial leases to small office space leases. We understand how to protect you without turning your lease negotiations into a legal brawl. Every company needs space for its operations, but every company has different needs. Our team has handled hundreds of leases for clients ranging all the way from office space leases for small start-up operations to a national apparel retailer with mall leases in over 450 locations.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

If your business makes or sells products, you understand the importance of having a tight supply agreement in place. We understand the world of design and manufacture and can help you protect your interests. We have drafted and negotiated supply agreements for transactions globally. We understand the many concerns you may have, whether you are seeking to obtain a manufacturer for your products or a buyer for the products you make.


Your business is presented with a large array of contracts. From non-disclosure agreements to license agreements, from equipment leases to service agreements and privacy policies, we’ve seen it all and can help you protect your interests.