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US copyright registration and infringement disputes

Kunzler Bean & Adamson provides high-quality legal representation and innovative thinking for businesses and individuals in the movie, recording, publishing, and software industries.

Your original works are copyrighted when you create them. However, proper registration gives you additional rights including liquidated damages. Our clients are artists, writers and performers who need professional legal guidance in seeking thorough copyright protection for their creative work and for defending that work against infringement by others who attempt to unjustly profit from our clients’ efforts.

Experienced advocacy in copyright litigation

Experience and proven skill are vital considerations when you are selecting an intellectual property attorney to represent your interests in any copyright dispute or infringement litigation. The team at Kunzler Bean & Adamson has substantial experience in complex and high-profile infringement actions. For example, we successfully defended the copyright of a songwriter whose music and lyrics were misappropriated by a production company and recorded without attribution or remuneration by a world-famous singer. Our attorneys were able to settle the matter out of court, saving litigation costs for both parties and keeping the singer out of the news. We have also successfully represented defendants in actions brought by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Although copyrights are some of the easiest intellectual property protections to obtain, disputes arising out of allegations of copyright infringement can be complex. If you wish to discuss a current or pending case with an accomplished and thoroughly knowledgeable IP litigation attorney, contact us today to learn how to protect your original works.