Kunzler Bean & Adamson

Litigation Team

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Jeremy Adamson

Expertise: Commercial Litigation, Employment Law & Regulatory Defense, Catastrophic Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
Licenses: Utah & California
Education: Cornell Law School

Ryan Bell

Expertise: Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Defamation
Licenses: Utah State and Federal Courts, Utah Supreme Court
Education: Georgetown University Law Center

Perry S. Clegg

Expertise: Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation
Licenses: Utah (District, State, Federal and Supreme Courts), New York, District of Columbia, U.S. Supreme Court

Marcia Fuller Durkin

Expertise: Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, Commercial, White Collar Criminal Defense, Telecom, Technology
Licenses: Utah, District of Columbia, New York
Education: J Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University

Taylor Hadfield

Expertise: Commercial Litigation
Licenses: Utah
Education: Brigham Young University

Bobby Harrington

Expertise: Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Political Law and Elections
Licenses: Utah, Washington, D.C.
Education: Stanford Law School

Matthew Lewis

Expertise: Commercial Litigation, Securities Regulation, White-collar Criminal Defense, Regulatory Defense, Health Care Regulation
Licenses: Utah, California, Nevada, Washington, D.C., & Arizona
Education: Columbia Law School

Megan Nelson White

Expertise: Commercial Litigation, Employment
Licenses: Utah
Education: Arizona State University