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Patent protection and litigation
for every industry.

Kunzler Bean & Adamson has the experience needed to obtain patent protection for your inventions and innovations. We can offer sound legal advice throughout the process of obtaining patent protection and can guide you in making the truly important decisions:

  • How many patents should I apply for?
  • What type and scope of patents are best?
  • How do I protect my invention before my patent issues?
  • Are there alternative to patents that would be more cost effective?
  • What happens if my application is denied?

KB&A also has substantial success winning allowance for broad claims and in seeking alternative methods for protecting your intellectual property rights quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.


Almost every modern device includes patented electrical components and circuits from a wide variety of electrical engineering fields. The attorneys specializing in electrical arts at Kunzler Bean & Adamson possess a wide array of experience, including power system design, power electronics, feedback and controls, computer architecture and design, integrated circuits, wireless power transfer, lighting systems, control systems, solar arrays, battery systems, and many other areas within the electrical arts. KB&A’s extensive experience writing electrical patent applications allows us to get to the heart of the invention while using language familiar to experts in the field.


Semiconductor manufacturers aim to obtain patent for products that are ever decreasing in size and increasing in efficiency. The attorneys at Kunzler Bean & Adamson are specialists in the industry, with years of experience obtaining patent protection for major semiconductor companies, including semiconductor circuits and semiconductor manufacturing processes.


Patenting technologies in the mechanical arts introduces unique issues and perspectives. Unlike other technology disciplines, basic mechanical principles and concepts have been developed and studied throughout history, which presents additional obstacles to obtaining patent protection, compared to more recently-developed technologies. Accordingly, patenting mechanical devices and systems requires customized and creative approaches and strategies. The attorneys specializing in the mechanical arts at Kunzler Bean & Adamson have the experience, knowledge, and creativity to give you the best opportunity to effectively patent your mechanical inventions.

Computer Architecture

At Kunzler Bean & Adamson, though we know all the tricks to patenting computer software, inventions that improve the operation of a computing device can be even easier to patent (especially those tied closely to the computing hardware itself). Whether your invention relates to the processor, the memory system, storage devices, peripheral devices, communication buses, networking, or a device driver or operating system to control them, KB&A can help you protect your inventions anywhere in a computer’s architecture.


Our range of chemical technology patent experience includes medical and dental device technologies, chemical compositions, catalysts, nano-technologies, magnetic storage media, combustion systems, separation columns, and other chemical applications. We also have experience in the fields of chemical process dynamics and control, materials science, chemical reaction engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer, among others.


While an electronic signal itself is not patentable, patents can cover the equipment used to transmit and receive signals as well as the methods and mechanisms for generating and interpreting. At Kunzler Bean & Adamson, we have extensive experience in electronic communications, including telecommunications, wireless communications, and social network platforms.


Kunzler Bean & Adamson has extensive (and personal) biomedical patent expertise, including cloning, protein expression, DNA sequencing, bio-manufacturing, RNA reactions and editing, research tools, diagnostics, small molecule drug design, cell signaling therapeutics, and immunology. Our experts have studied molecular biology; earned Master of Science degrees researching prostaglandin synthesis in bovine adrenal cortexp a Ph.D. in biochemistry researching site-directed mutagenesis of G protein-coupled protein folding chaperonins; and performed M.S. thesis research at the Princeton University computer graphics laboratory on computer-assisted empirical predictions of alpha helical secondary structure in proteins. In other words, we get the complexity of your work and know how to protect it.