KB&A Litigators prevailed in a significant case in Utah’s Third District Court

KB&A represents an energy company in the Uinta Basin, which was sued for defamation and breach of contract after a negotiation with a competitor over a potential acquisition failed to materialize.

KB&A’s lead defamation litigator, Ryan Bell, handled the case, with support from Taylor Hadfield and Megan White. These attorneys previously won on a motion to exclude most of the plaintiff’s damages from evidence, due to problems with the plaintiff’s disclosures in the case.

The Plaintiff amended its complaint to add new claims, and KB&A then moved for summary judgment seeking dismissal of the new claims. After briefing, the Court granted the motion, dismissing all of the Plaintiff’s claims, including its damages claims of nearly $1,000,000.

The ruling represents a major win for KB&A’s client, which will now be able to expand its business without the threat of damages from an aggressive competitor. The client is pleased and KB&A’s litigators are happy to claim another win.

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