KB&A Ranked #3 Most Trademark Applications Submitted in the US!

The Top 75 Representatives (by filing volume) at the USPTO in the first half of 2023 between them filed over 77,500 US trademark applications – that’s 30% of all applications

Total filing volume (259,143 applications) was 6% lower than the first six months of 2022 (275,314 applications), with nearly half of the fall due to Chinese applicants filing fewer US applications in 2023, although filing activity has shown signs of recovery in recent months

US based applicants account for just under 70% of applications, with China (20%), the EU (1.7%), and Canada (1.6%) also significant sources of work

Filing volume by applicant nationality in H1 2023 at the USPTO:

US applicants: 180,942 applications (down by 4% compared to H1 2022)
China based applicants: 52,968 (down by 11%)
EU based applicants: 4,624 (down by 5%)
Canada based applicants: 4,041 (down by 15%)
UK based applicants: 2,489 (down by 3%)
South Korea based applicants: 1,739 (down by 15%)
Hong Kong based applicants: 1,399 (down by 17%)
Mexico based applicants: 1,078 (up by 5%)
Australia based applicants: 994 (down by 16%)
Japan based applicants: 957 (down by 20%)
Rest of World: 7,912 applications (up by 10%)

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